BS125 Bridge Swing Barrier

Material: 304 stainless steel

Size: 1200*280*1000mm

Brake rod length: 600-900 mm

Passing speed: < 40 person/min






Product Description

The material is standard 304 stainless steel, during the casing whithin a professional guide tank. and during the casing within a professional guide tank. Can be installed in indoor, outdoor with shed, applicable to restrict the passing rate of the place, has the count, attendance, current limiting funtion. The enterclose are more wider than others.Have a higher traffic capacity, can make motorcycle, bicycle and other small vehicles through, also can be used as a barrier-free access.


Dimension 1200*280*1000mm
Stainless Steel Specification Body: SS304
Brake rod length 600-900 mm
Power Supply AC110V±10V,60Hz / AC220V±10V,50Hz
Drive?motor Brushless DC motor 24V
Communication interface RS485 electrical standard or TCP/IP
Passing Speed

40 persons/min (normal open) ; 30 persons/min (normal close)

Response Time 1s
Input Interface +12V electrical signal or DC impulse signal with width >100ms
Communication Interface RS485/relay signal
Operating Temperature -15°C ~ 50°C
Related Humility <=95%
Package? Paper Carton/Wooden Box

Feature and Function

1.Designed reasonable and reliable movement, noise, smooth running, and long?service?life.

2. Access Prompt function:Red and green light prompt the passin information.

3. The programmable gates control state,  variety of operating modes

you can choose, you can set a one-way or two way control

4. Installation with personalized interface, compatible with IC, ID cards and other smart cards.

5. The main control panel built small button, the device can be set to run state

6. Pinch, anti bumps function, Blockage when in the process of the swing arm reset within

a predetermined time, click stop working automatically, the default reset again after a delay, and the intensity is  very small(2kg)

Packaging & Delivery


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