Center Processor

Refer to picture below, Data Collector is wall mount design, can be fixed on the wall with setscrew through the four preserved holes inside the housing. Four cable holes on the bottom are used for the cabling with Bold Connection and PVC 20mm.


Center Processor is the core of PGS system deals with data processing, information storage and release.

A Center Processor manages 60 Data Collectors and a Data Collector manages 60 sensors & 20 LED Display; therefore, a basic PGS system can manage 3,600 sensors/parking spaces.


Working Voltage: DC/24V

Peak Current: 35mA

Data Communication: RS485

Data Interface: RG45

Communication Distance: 1km Maximum

Capacity: 60 slaves

Working Temperature: -25~70℃

Dimensions: 43cm*20cm*8.6cm

Weight: 3.7kg


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