DP-CP90 Parking Barrier

1pc barrier housing

1pc control board

1pc arm

1pc arm support

1pc mounting plate

2pcs remote control


General Description

General Description

DP-CP series parking barrier gate is well balanced between performance, stability and the most cost-effective choice. It’s neither the best barrier gate in the world, nor the super low-cost barrier gate using cheap component. Because best one always too high to buy, while the cheapest one always break down. DP-CP is designed to be “Good Enough” and affordable for majority of the application environment, such as shopping mall, warehouse, hotel, factories, condominium, car rental companies, etc

Technical Specification:

Description Parameters
Speed 6sec
Arm length 4.5meters
Power supply 220V/110V AC, 50Hz/60Hz
Motor power: 100W AC
Environment temperature -20℃~50℃
Input terminals: Photocell, Loop detector
Output terminals: Motor, Flashing light
Remote distance: 30meters
Arm shape: Aluminum alloy octagonal
Protection class: IP44
Dimension: 330x232x1035mm

1. Widely used for the site of parking, traffic or toll system.

2. 3 meters to 6 meters arm optional.

3. This type of barrier could match with direct boom( pole), fold boom or fence boom.

4. Manual control when electricity is cut off.

5. Soft opening and closing without any noise and shaking.

6. Varity input terminals for photocell, airwave switch, loop detector, back-up battery(for DC Motor), toll gate system and output terminals for lamp.


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