RSB110 Rolling Out Speed Bump

Material: PP surface+Rubber pading+PU handing

Size: L3000*W230*T50mm

Weight: 13.5KGS/Roll


1.Ramps for cars can be installed on the surface of asphalt roads and concrete roads.
2.To improve life span,the road must be smooth.After drilling clean up the holes and romove the dust,oil and debris from the holes .using the special adhesive,put the bottom of the bump to the surface of the road.
3.For A type road speed bump,use a steel bar or PVC pepe to link them up from the middle holes in order to strengthen the power of force resistance.
4.The fixer and the hole must be matched in size.
5Fixer for asphalt roads,expensive screw purchase on the local markets

Product Description

Material PP surface+Rubber pading+PU handing
Size L3000*W230*T50mm
Color Yellow and Black
Weight 13.50kg/roll
Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union,etc

30% as deposit, balance before shipment

Delivery time 7- 15 days after receiving your order and payment
Supply Ability 10000 meters a month


(1)They are very easy for bicycles to cross if designed appropriately.

(2)Its modular design makes it very easy to install.

(3)Available in Yelllow and Black combination for greater visibility.

(4)UV, moisture and temperature resistant.

(5)Modular design provides flexibility to suit any size of road.

(6)Reflectors and glass elements provides better night visibility.

(7)Speed Bumps are grooved for drainage of the rain water.


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